60 years of certainty: the world can be more colorful

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Our story is not just ours, but that of millions of Brazilians who wrote every page of this
biography with us.
With each painted wall, each chosen color, each change made, our energy vibrates in the same
tone. And with the conviction that 60 years are just the beginning!
our starting point
Suvinil’s story has a curious beginning. In 1961, Olócio Bueno, until then founder of a brand of
automotive paints called “Super” decided to invest in building paints, which were made from
latex and known as vinyl. When creating the new company, he did what many Brazilians do: he
joined the two names, using the prefix Su (from super) + Vinyl. Thus was born Suvinil.
Eight years later, it was incorporated into BASF. There he painted the mission we have carried
out until today: that of inspiring people and transforming environments!
Collaborator in a Suvinil laboratory in the 60s.
listening to who understands the most
Looking back, a decisive factor in Suvinil’s story was listening not only to consumers, but also
to experts. Our partnership with the painters was fundamental for the brand’s success. And
that goes back a long way.
From the beginning, we created products based on the needs of painters and they were the
ones who tested and approved (or not) our paints.
Thus, we grew and stood out in civil construction until the next achievement: the merger with
Glasurit do Brasil, a German paint brand that further improved the quality of our products,
increasing the approval of those who know the most about the subject.

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